• What is the Deep-Seawater ofMuroto, as the origin of life?
  • Become healthy and beautiful by drinking Amami no mizu(Deep-Seawater).

What is the Deep-Seawater of Murotoas the origin of life?

Even though it is called “seawater”, it does not mean the water on the surface of the ocean exposed to the air. In this case, by seawater we mean Deep-Seawater that has circulated in the depths of the world’s oceans since primeval times, and part of it has sprung up off Cape Muroto in Kochi Prefecture. This water is extremely close to the composition of biological fluids of the human body, exactly like the expression “Mother Ocean.” This water contains various minerals. Ako Kasei Co., Ltd. has succeeded in producing an ideal mineral water exclusively from the Deep-Seawater of Muroto, desalinating it and adjusting its hardness by our own original technology.

Composition of sea minerals is the mineral composition that is taken for the basis of producing healthy mineral food products or infusion solutions in the case of medicaments.

Definition of Deep-Seawater

Generally speaking, Deep-Seawater means seawater at a depth of more than 200m, where the temperature is suddenly cold and the sunlight required for photosynthesis does not penetrate.

The Office for Deep-Seawater Business in our company collects water from a depth of 344m at a distance of 2200m off Muroto City, Kochi Prefecture. It is an area that in 1985 was designated by the Science and Technology Agency to be a model zone for research and development of deep-seawater.

Special features of Deep-Seawater

Collection of Deep-Seawater through a 2,650m pipe from a depth of 344m(Original photo provided by Marine Sciencer and Technology Center).
Deep-Seawater possesses a whole range of components whose composition is extremely close to that of the biological fluids of the human body. It contains not only magnesium, but also traces of such minerals as calcium, potassium, sodium, zinc, selenium, manganese and other minerals that tend to be deficient in our modern-day bodies. The main features of the deep-seawater are as follows:

  • Purity. Differing from surface water, it has a much smaller chance of exposure to pollution from bacteria originating from inland waters, or chemical substances.
  • High nutritional value. Compared to seawater on the surface layer, it contains much more inorganic nutritious salts, such as nitrogen, phosphor and silicic acid.
  • Low temperature stability. Its water temperature remains constantly low throughout the year.

The reasons why the Deep-Seawater is good for your body

The enzymes (proteins) fulfill their function of enhancing the metabolic process inside human body. Its minerals and vitamins support such enzyme functions. Neither of them can be created inside of the human body, so we must take them from our food. “Amami no mizu”(Deep-Seawater), which has been produced exclusively from the Deep-Seawater off Muroto by desalination and degree of hardness adjustment, contains in well-balanced proportion such minerals as magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium and others, which tend to be deficient in our modern-day bodies. Therefore, you can make up for this mineral deficiency by drinking this water every day.

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Around 60% of the weight of the human body consists of water. It can be expected that the circulation of “Amami no mizu”(Deep-Seawater) inside the human body will maintain human health.

Concerning mineral water and its degree of hardness

To describe the features of this water, we use the term “hardness”. Hardness is a value from which we can determine the volume of minerals contained in the water.

It is calculated by
calcium (mg/liter) x 2.5 + magnesium (mg/liter) x 4.1.

<Soft water (under 178); Moderate hard water (178-356); Hard water (over 356)>
*According to the Encyclopedia of Chemistry, Vol.3, 587.1987

Most of the domestic mineral water sold in Japan is “mountain water” originating from mountains. They are what we call soft water with a hardness below 100. Although “mountain water” also contains various minerals, its contents vary depending on the place of production. It is not necessarily well balanced. In contrast,“Amami no mizu”(Deep-Seawater) is made 100% from the deep-seawater welling up off Cape Muroto. With our original method of processing, we have developed safe, healthy mineral waters through desalination and hardness adjustment.

Our Office for Deep-Seawater Business (Muroto City, Kochi Prefecture) is approved

Our Office for Deep-Seawater Business located in Muroto City, Kochi Prefecture, is the first domestic Deep-Seawater drink manufacturer approved by HACCP (February 2003; with the number of the letter of acknowledgement: No. 0227002 from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare; Type: Soft drink)

The HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) System was originally studied in connection with outer space meals to be eaten by American astronauts. It is a scientific food manufacturing control system that has been developed to guarantee the safety of food in such an extremely limited environment as outer space, where absolutely no accident is permissible.

The basic principle of the HACCP system is to prevent any hazard in advance, rather than dealing with it when it occurs. In other words, Hazard Analysis is carried out through all stages from material procurement to consumption of the final product by consumers. Occurrence of hazards is prevented by specification and continual monitoring of the Critical Control Points through those stages.

The HACCP system has been already adopted at the national level by such food- producing developed countries as the US, Canada, EU, New Zealand, Australia and others. The certification system was established in Japan by amendment of the Food Sanitation Law of 1995 and was specified as "The Acknowledgment of the production or processing of food products in the general sanitation control production process". At present, "milk and diary products", "meat products", "retortable pouch products", "fish paste products", and "soft drinks" are subject to this system.

Become healthy and beautiful by drinking Amami no mizu(Deep-Seawater).

The power of minerals will regenerate your body!