President's Message

Yoshinari Ikegami, PresidentIn Ako City, which is famous for the “Forty-Seven Samurai (Chushingura)”, there were many salters or salt makers and bittern industries. Many companies operating in this city originated from them.
Among such companies, we do stable business as a general manufacturer of inorganic minerals, such as table salt and bittern, on the basis of rich experience and fundamental skills. We have maintained our business based on the spirit of its founders. At present, on the basis of our “development skills for oceanic science”, we are expanding into a new business field.
We have been and will be seeking customer satisfaction by creating new products. Our goal is to create a new “oceanic culture” with such keywords as “minerals” and “health”. We believe that our challenges have been and will be cordially understood by the general public.

By Yoshinari Ikegami, President