• What is the Deep-Seawater ofMuroto, as the origin of life?
  • Become healthy and beautiful by drinking Amami no mizu(Deep-Seawater).

Become healthy and beautiful by drinking Amami no mizu(Deep-Seawater).

At first sight, the quality of modern-day people’s eating habits seems to have improved. But in reality, the significant increase in refined and processed food products is the factor behind chronic mineral deficiency that modern-day people often suffer from. However, our product, “Amami no mizu”(Deep-Seawater) can be the key to the solution of your mineral deficiency problem. The method is easy; you just need to drink “Amami no mizu”(Deep-Seawater) every day.

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Few cups of

Some 50 to 60% of the human body consists of water. For that reason, the first step towards maintaining your health is ensuring sufficient daily water supply and paying attention to the water content in your body. However, it is important to drink good-quality water containing various types of minerals such as “Amami no mizu”(Deep-Seawater).

Healthy life style - easily and simply
Magnesium contained in “Amami no mizu”(Deep-Seawater) is a nutrient that has beneficial effects on the human body. How about using such a product for maintaining your healthy lifestyle?

On occasions like this, for people like this...
This product can suffice for loss of mineral content and water before and after sport activities, when going out in summer heat or after drinking alcoholic beverages.

Ways of drinking and use of

Drinking 2 to 3 glasses per day is recommended.

* 1 glass just after you wake up...will stimulate your body.
* 1 glass before and after taking a bath...will restore your body water and any mineral content lost by bathing.
* 1 glass before going to sleep...will, in advance, restore water and minerals lost by sweating while asleep.
* 1 glass after drinking an alcoholic beverage...can restore water and minerals lost by alcohol consumption.

Cooking with “Amami no mizu”(Deep-Seawater)
“Amami no mizu”(Deep-Seawater) emphasizes the sweetness and fine taste of food. Try to use “Amami no mizu”(Deep-Seawater) in cooking, when cooking rice or preparing miso soup or clear soup, boiled food, pickles, bread dough and various kinds of pasta, such as noodles and Chinese dumplings or when making desserts. When you use “Amami no mizu”(Deep-Seawater) for preparing juice, coffee or whisky diluted with water, the taste of the beverages will be smoother.

According to degree of hardness, “Amami no mizu”(Deep-Seawater) can be classified into 3 categories: “Hardness 1500”, “Hardness 1000” and “Hardness 250”.
The water with “Hardness 1500” or “Hardness 1000” is recommended to replenish lost mineral content, while “Hardness 250” is suitable for drinking after sport activities, taking a bath or for cooking. The way to use the product is up to you.

* Although there may be individually different reactions, you may recognize a slight taste of minerals in the water.
* Depending on individual reactions and health condition, you may develop diarrhea, but this is just a temporary symptom. (In case of diarrhea, you should reduce the amount of the water drunk. Please be careful not to drink too much of the product).
* Adults with reduced kidney function as well as children should abstain from drinking the product.
* People with special dietary restrictions should consult their physician.


The Deep-Seawater off Muroto contains mainly four types of minerals, namely magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium. The ratio of these minerals is 3:1:1:26. Using its own technology, Ako Kasei Co., Ltd. has succeeded in extracting sodium or salt exclusively from Deep-Seawater, while maintaining the balance of sea minerals. In this way, a drink with mineral balance, whose ratio is 3:1:1:1, has been produced. This is “Amami no mizu”(Deep-Seawater).

Modern-day people tend to have a deficiency of magnesium more than other minerals. Moreover, magnesium is also a mineral whose intake is particularly difficult. “Amami no mizu”(Deep-Seawater) with hardness of 1000 contains such magnesium.

What is the Deep-Seawater ofMuroto, as the origin of life?

The power of minerals will regenerate your body!