Crude Seawater Magnesium Chloride(Muroto Nigari)

Liquid form: Product name: Muroto Nigari

Product Features:

This product is made from 100% Muroto deep-seawater.
The sole reason why our company makes this product is to make good taste tofu.

Use Conditions:

 To make a soft tofu, a filled tofu or a cotton tofu

Use per liter of soy milk

Density of soya milk



Not less than 12%

65℃~75 for a soft or a cotton tofu

Approximately 10 for a filled tofu


Interior package: Bag in Box / Exterior package: cardboard/ 22kg
Spout Cap

Handling method:

Crystals maybe seen floating. These are natural minerals and do not indicate any defect in product quality. When the crystallization occurs, please mix it up before using.
Avoid direct sun light, cold storage and frozen storage.
Close the cap after using.
Do not stack the products in piles due to the low overall capacity of the case.
The right additive amount may vary since the crude seawater magnesium chloride is often fluctuant.